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Bien's Integrated Circuit Design Lab School of Electrical & Computer Engineering in UNIST
Invited Talks
Writer 변영재
Date 2012/07/19
Attach File

[14] Franklin Bien, “자동차 선박 IT용 반도체 설계 기술 동향,” 울산대학교 자동차 선박 대학원, 울산, Sep. 29, 2011

[13] Franklin BIen, “차량용 융합 반도체 기술 동향 및 향후 전망,” 현대자동차 남양 중앙 연구소, 경기도 화성시, August 11, 2011
[12] Franklin Bien, “차량 내 네트워크 트랜드와 이더넷 프로토콜 적용을 위한 설계 기술,” Automotive Electronics Experts Society (AEES) Symposium, Seoul, Korea, June 30, 2011
[11] Franklin Bien, “IC Design techniques for improving the efficiency for Wireless Power Tranfer technology,” Electronics and Telecommunications Research Instititue (ETRI), Daejon, Korea, Nov. 2010
[10] Franklin Bien, “All Digital IR-UWB CMOS RF Transceiver Design for WBAN Applications,” UWB Forum Workshop, Hwasung, Gyeonggi-Do, Korea, Oct. 17-18, 2010
[9] Franklin Bien, “Life as an Electrical Engineer,” Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea, 2010
[8] Franklin Bien, “UWB Technology as the High Data Rate Solution,” Electronics and Telecommunications Research Instititue (ETRI), Daejon, Korea, Jan. 2010
[7] Franklin Bien, “Signal Integrity Improvements & Ultra Wideband (UWB) Technology in CMOS,” Future Communications Inc., Jan. 19, 2010
[6] Franklin Bien, “Design Challenges for UWB Technology,” Electronics and Telecommunications Research Instititue (ETRI), Daejon, Korea, Dec. 17, 2009
[5] Franklin Bien, “Integrated Circuits - The World Changing 3 square centi-meters,” Korea Broadcasting Systems, Ulsan, Korea, Dec. 13, 2009
[4] Franklin Bien, “Electronic Design Approaches for Intelligent Town Projects providing E-health Solutions,” Pusan National University, Busan, Korea, Oct. 2009
[3] Franklin Bien, “Introduction to Signal Integrity Improvements with Equalization and Crosstalk Cancellation in Silicon-based Technologies,” Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea, 2009
[2] Franklin Bien, “Design Method for CMOS UWB RFIC Device,” RF IC Design Workshop, Jaejoo Island, Korea, Sep. 18, 2009
[1] Franklin Bien, “Introduction to Equalizer Circuits and Systems in CMOS Technologies,” Myongji University, Yongin City, Kyeunggi-Do, Korea, May. 11, 2009
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