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Bien's Integrated Circuit Design Lab School of Electrical & Computer Engineering in UNIST

By 이승하2012-04-05


You can be the next!

We are continuously looking for talented people and students with passion.

Are you interested in Integrated Circuit (IC) design?

Do you want a big deal in your life?

Come and join B.I.C.D.L. !







Ph.D. Student:

Young-su Kim (김영수, Since Fall 2009)

Sai Kiran Oruganti (Since Spring 2012) from India

Kyung-min Na (나경민, Since Spring 2012)


Full-time M.S. Researcher:

Yun-ho Choi (최윤호, M.S. @ UNIST BICDL)


M.S. Student:

Huy Huang (Since Fall 2010) from Vietnam

Seung-gyu Lee (이승규, Since Spring 2011)

In-joon Yeo (여인준, Since Fall 2011)

Nguyen Thi Thu Ngoc (Since Spring 2012) from Vietnam

Sang-hyun Hu (허상현, Since Fall 2012)

Undergraduate Research Student:

Spot Open for Passionate Undergraduate UNIStars

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